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Hello, people call me TR.  I'm from the Internet, and this is my part of it.

My man and I live in a river town with our two kitties.  Sometimes I teach computer classes at the local library.  Other times of the day, I am moderating the town's Freecycle group.

I enjoy: coding in Notepad, color math, deep space, near space, Space Rock, 3.5" floppies, any kind of fried potato, gaming skillz, Marvel over DC, obscure board games, Muppets, idling on IRC, love, spoiling pets, surreal puzzlers, ridiculously long system uptimes, learning Japanese, old software, adhesives, rascal scooter derbies, rollover text and conscientious hedonism.

If these things generally sound fun to you, and/or you have real estate on the Moon, then we'll get along swimmingly.

But please don't stalk me; my friends like guns.  And don't bother with my personal info; my credit is worthless!
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